Serve Safe Training

Food, Health and Environmental Safety in conjunction with the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation offers Serve Safe Certification Training that is designed for middle management and supervisors. Food, Health and Environmental Safety Corporation is registered with the National Restaurant Association Education Foundation and is certified to administer the Serve Safe Training. In 1993, the National Restaurant Association Education recognized the need for food safety awareness and created the International Food Safety Council (IFSC). The mission is to heighten the awareness of the importance of food safety education throughout the restaurant industry.

Food safety training provides employees with the knowledge and procedures needed to handle food safely in your establishment. Benefits from the Serve Safe Training Program:

  • Provide adequate knowledge of Food Safety Policy

  • Avoiding costs associated with food borne illnesses

  • Preventing loss of revenue and reputation due to food associated with food-borne illness

  • Improving employee morale and reducing turnover

  • Increasing customer satisfaction

The Florida Restaurant Association requires new hire training to be conducted within 60 days of hire date. The training is designed for a minimum of 12 participants and is designed to be conducted for 2 hours a day in a 2 day format. At the end of the day participants will sit a one hour examination.

Upon completion of the training, each participant will receive a wallet-sized card of certification. Please allow one week to process and receive the certification card.

An information sheet within the study booklet must be completed and sent back to the Florida Restaurant Association for inclusion in a database.