Food Managers Training

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Professional Food Manager Certification

Food, Health and Environmental Safety Corporation in conjunction with the National Registry of Food Safety Professionals offers the Food Manager Certification Training. This training is designed for food managers in the Food service, Hospitality, Grocery, Retail, School, Hospital, Institutional, Correctional Facility, Food Supplier and Food Distributor industries where food safety is a critical responsibility. It is to prepare them for any of the nationally recognized food manager certification examinations based on the 2005 FDA Food code.

Consumers have the right to expect the food they purchase and consume is safe. Managers or employees working in a food facility also have that responsibility to assure that safe and sanitary food is provided. Food safety is a key element in building long-term and trusting relationships with your customers. Food, Health and Environmental Safety Corporation goal for this training is that we will help food managers and supervisors minimize the risks of food borne illness.