Food Handlers Training

Food, Health Environmental Safety in conjunction with the Florida Restaurant Association offers the Safe Staff Training for line level employees. FHES is registered with the Florida Restaurant Association and is certified to administer the Safe Staff Training course and examination. The Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulations is the authority on writing the rules for directing the industry on how to train their employees.

The Florida Restaurant Association Safe Staff Training program promotes a safe and healthy business through responsible practices and covers the following key principles:

  • Ensuring proper personal hygiene

  • Preventing cross contamination

  • Controlling time and temperature

  • Proper cleansing and sanitizing

  • The causes and effects of food borne illnesses

  • Ensuring proper vermin control

Food handlers handle unpacked food. Food handlers work in places like cafeterias, hotels, hospitals and restaurants. Food handlers also manage weighing, cutting, grind meat, packaging and delivering it to customers.

Food handlers are also considered cooks, helpers and assistants. A person that handles food or anything that is sure to come in contact with food is a food handler.

People who handle and wash cutlery and dishware, people who clean and sanitize services where food will be prepared are food handlers. Food handlers need to take special care of following hygienic practices as they are directly responsible for the well-being of the customers who eat it.