Food Safety


Food Health Safety provides an inclusive series of training programs on HACCP in order to educate our clients’ employees how to enforce HACCP standards. Each training program is designed to educate a rotating, multi-level staff with comprehensive industry knowledge. Food safety takes a higher approach to safety by implementing an in-house safety initiative that is a step above USDA/FDA standards, which gives Food safety clients an advantage within the food industry.

Food safety has an in-depth expertise in the field of food safety testing. Food safety provides testing similar to those done by state health inspectors, which includes a written report, summary of results, and recommendations for improvement. We assist our clients with on-site contamination investigations and finding resolutions. Food safety offers food and facility testing in order to verify USDA/FDA regulations compliance and assess the effectiveness of HACCP plans in place. 

Food safety also provides food safety audits to make sure clients’ locations meet all the required health industry guidelines and regulations. Food safety performs HACCP inspection and random yearly inspections in order to develop an effectiveness of HACCP plans in place.

  • Retail Audits

  • Wholesale Audits

  • Audit Preparation/Document Readiness

  • Sanitation Audits

  • Bio-terrorism Security Development

  • ​Recall

  • Lotting​

  • HACCP Accredited

  • Certified HACCP Training  

  • HACCP Training At Your Facility                   

  • Labeling/Nutritional Submission                   

  • Non-compliance (NR.) Assistance               

  • USDA FSIS Letters/Closures          

  • Crisis Intervention                 

  • Trace Backward and Forward​